Client Success

Coaching For A Better Life

At My1FitLife, we not only want to help you improve your body, we want to help you improve your life. We can’t and won’t be all things to all people. The coaches at My1FitLife have philosophies we adhere to, and they work for us as individuals and as trainers. That does not mean that others’ views are necessarily wrong; they just don’t work for My1Fit Life.
For example, we will never ask a client to eat extremely low calories or spend hours doing cardio, simply to show dramatic weight loss for a Facebook post or an advertisement, or to help them fit into an outfit for an event that is just a few weeks away. Healthy weight loss is two pounds per week at the most, and the evidence shows that slow weight loss has a much more lasting effect.
We also believe in real food for weight loss because ultimately you are trying to change your lifestyle for life-long results. If you drink three shakes a day to lose weight, what happens when you begin to eat again? We want to change your habits for life so that you will be successful in life. At My1FitLife we take it day by day, and we address all areas of the fitness equation. Our coaches expertise range from fitness, to nutrition to psychology, knowing that only by address each area will you have permanent results.


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