My1FitLife Fitness Coaching


Live It Well....

In 2013, Michelle launched My1FitLife Training (formally 1fw Training) as a way to help her growing audience around the world. Michelle's fitness company does so much more than focus on creating a good looking body; they concentrate on creating a great LIFE. Michelle learned through loss that we focus on fitness for all the wrong reasons. There is so much social pressure to work out to be a smaller size or look good in a particular type of clothing and not enough emphasis on society on seeing fitness as a gift and the chance for your best life.

Michelle and her team want people to feel good in their skin, to engage in life, be in the family photos and make every moment count. Fitness is a gift for those who are healthy enough to participate, and the My1FitLife team is ready to teach you how to love your life and your fitness. My1FitLife incorporates all the key elements to help you change for life. Good exercise, great nutrition, substantial personal growth, community, and introspection.